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Registration is now open for Michigan Interfaith Power & Light's 10th Annual Sustainability Conference: Green & Grow Your Congregation. Learn how to build a green team, how to make your house of worship more energy efficient, and how to get involved in clean energy advocacy.

Our inspiring speakers include Sr. Simone Campbell, "Nun on the Bus" and religious rockstar; Rev. George Heartwell, Grand Rapids Mayor and sustainability champion; and Valerie Brader, one of Michigan's leading energy experts.

Join us on Friday, October 9 at the Peoples Church in East Lansing!

Visit miipl.org/greenandgrow-2 for their website.

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Teilhard de Chardin wrote:
"There is a new kind of human emerging on Earth, a type of human who is attracted to the future, who has a flame of expectation in the heart and is yearning to express MORE. These humans are in touch with the impulse to reach out, connect, go beyond..they are feeling into a new template for humanity. That which is possible for us as an emergent species in an unfolding Universe."

Is there a flame of expectation in your heart? Are you yearning to come together with others in a new way to unleash the potential and possibility that lies deep within our sacred humanity? Join us for this three-day retreat as we discover ourselves at the heart of the universe, in the heart of God, together evolving toward the fullness of love.

Sunday Sept. 13, 6:30pm - Tuesday Sept. 15, 4pm
IHM Motherhouse
Maxis Community Room
610 W. Elm Ave.
Monroe, Mich

Registration Deadline: Sept. 2
Registration fee: $120* and includes lunches
*Financial assistance is available.
To register, contact River House at 734-240-5494 or

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Sister Gail Worcelo is co-founder of Green Mountain Monastery in Greensboro, Vt. Mentored by the late Passionist priest Thomas Berry, the Monastery is a new emergence in the Catholic tradition that seeks to give expression to a theology rooted in the evolutionary dynamism of an unfolding universe.


Important Refuse Collection Announcement from the City of Detroit - collections are for residents only, not businesses or large apartment buildings. (Click above image for announcement.)


Introducing a new website serving as an online clearinghouse for video/media about the water shutoffs.

This resource covers:
-Understanding the Issues
-Individual Stories
-Community and Legal Solutions
-Full Length Interviews
-Ongoing Coverage

Please check out this valuable resource regarding the Detroit Water Shut Offs.


This year, the Council of Canadians celebrates 30 years of bringing people together to act for social justice. Join us in Windsor, Ontario to look forward and imagine the Canada we want with good green jobs, a vibrant democracy, a strong public health care system, clean water and a healthy environment, justice for Indigenous peoples and opportunities for youth.

Occurring just four days after the federal election, our Friday public forum will provide analysis of the federal election results ?? what the results mean for civil society and for Canada, and how we will move forward together to create the Canada we want.

We look forward to celebrating this special occasion with our supporters, chapter activists and allies.

The Council of Canadians invites you to: Annual Conference and Business Meeting
October 23-25, 2015 Windsor, Ontario

Friday October 23, 2015 - ImagiNations: Reframing Our Collective Future
St. Clair Centre for the Arts, 201 Riverside Drive West Windsor, ON N9A 5K4
5:30 - 7:00 Registration - Main Lobby
7:00 - 9:15 Public Forum - Dieppe Room

Agenda: Welcome from Chief Louise Hillier, Caldwell First Nation
Featuring keynote speakers:

  • Dr. Pamela D. Palmater, Associate Professor and the Chair in Indigenous Governance at Ryerson University, Toronto
  • Jerry Dias, National President, Unifor
  • Maude Barlow, National Chairperson, The Council of Canadians

Suggested donation for Friday evening event: $15 or pay what you can.
All are welcome.

For more information about the rest of the conference: http://canadians.org/conference

Registration begins: August 5.


"All Beings Cofluence" is an interactive community project in which an entire space is filled with sheer fabric panels, hung closely together. Each is an image of a living Being, representing more than 250 species thus far, created by numerous individuals. The pieces are arranged in such a way that no single Being is seen without seeing others through or adjacent to it - a strong metaphor for interdependence and self-organization of ecosystems. Since its inception in 2010, All Beings Confluence has grown to be 250+ panels and has been seen by more than 4,600 people in 32 locations across North America.

Anyone who wants to make a panel is invited to do so.

Get all the info on this great event.

Workshop One
Thursday, Sept. 17- Sunday, Sept. 20
9 am - 4 pm

Workshop Two
Monday, Sept. 21 - Tuesday, Sept. 22
9 am - 4 pm
and Thursday, Sept. 24 - Friday, Sept. 25, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

IHM Motherhouse Art Room
610 W. Elm Ave.

SPECIAL NOTE: This All Beings Confluence exhibit will be at the GLBD 11th Annual conference October 23 to 25.


Rocket Stove - his is an easy-to-build and efficient little stove for cooking outdoors! Constructed of bricks and some metal stove pipe with purlite or ash insulation between, this is a really fast way to turn the heat from sticks into a fire that is ready to go instantly.

You can find out more at the Strawbale Studio strawbalestudio.org
Workshops on Rocket Stove & Fire devices: Nov 8 & 9. 2014 and Jan 24 & 25, 2015.
If there is interest, a workshop can be scheduled to construct this stove on site or another location.

Deanne Bednar
Coordinator/Teacher at Strawbale Studio outside Oxford, MI, just 1 hr north of Detroit.
248 628 1887

Classes, internships, potlucks & more.


Shapeshifting Detroit: Overcoming Drive-By Economics
Malik Kenyatta Yakini, Lottie Spady, and Sister Gloria Rivera

The citizens of Detroit are challenging the failed policies that have long favored corporate wealth over the well being of city residents. Leading change-makers Malik Kenyatta Yakini, Lottie Spady and Sister Gloria Rivera are seeding community resilience with one of the most robust urban agricultural movements in the U.S., while contradicting the manipulative media narratives that justify oppression.
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Behind Kitchen Doors

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Detroit Food Policy Council

The Annual Food Report of the DFPC is now available. Access the full report at www.detroitfoodpolicycouncil.net