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Golden Beet Award

Gloria Rivera of GLBD Honored

GLBD's own Gloria Riveria is among the honeers at the first annual Golden Beet Awards.

The Golden Beet Awards were held Thursday November 12, 2015. The Friends of the Detroit Food Policy Council Presented the First Annual Golden Beet Awards And Friendraiser.

Congratulations Gloria!

Green Leaders Award

Michigan Green Leaders Award

Paula Cathcart, IHM and Gloria Rivera, IHM are among this year's sixteen Detroit Free Press 2011 Michigan Green Leaders.

They have been recognized for their work to help build sustainable communities through Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit.


Your Bioneers Radio

Your Bioneers Radio Featuring GLBD's Gloria Rivera

Shapeshifting Detroit: Overcoming Drive-By Economics

Malik Kenyatta Yakini, Lottie Spady, and Sister Gloria Rivera

The citizens of Detroit are challenging the failed policies that have long favored corporate wealth over the well being of city residents. Leading change-makers Malik Kenyatta Yakini, Lottie Spady and Sister Gloria Rivera are seeding community resilience with one of the most robust urban agricultural movements in the U.S., while contradicting the manipulative media narratives that justify oppression.

Listen to the program

Green Radio

GLBD on Green Radio

Listen to GLBD contribute to the Green Radio Network.

GLBD is featured on their program "Resistance".

GLBD on Yale Climate Connections

See GLBD'S own Gloria Rivera & Paula Cathcart.

Click on above video to see GLBD'S own Gloria Rivera & Paula Cathcart comment on Pope Francis's recent encyclical on global climate change.


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