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Watch the film and take part in a follow-up conversation.

MSU Detroit Center
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August Movie:
Open Sesame the Story of Seeds
This film explores the deep connections we share with the tiny yet mighty seed. You will learn why we?ve lost so much seed diversity, and why that matters. You?ll meet seed savers, explore the open source seed movement, and hear from farmers fighting for the right to plant what they want. You?ll be inspired to help ensure we have the seeds we need for a resilient future.
Hosted by: Detroit Black Community Food Security Network and Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit

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Important Refuse Collection Announcement from the City of Detroit - collections are for residents only, not businesses or large apartment buildings. (Click above image for announcement.)

GLBD | 2015


Listen to GLBD contribute to the Green Radio Network.

GLBD is featured on their program "Resistance".


The Detroit Incinerator, located near I-75 and I-94, has been a major odor nuisance to residents living in the area. In 2010 the incinerator was bought and renamed Detroit Renewable Energy in an effort to "green wash" the facility although it remains a toxic, polluting facility. Zero Waste Detroit (ZWD) a coalition supported by Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit advocates for the City of Detroit to move toward a waste recovery system and away from incineration. ZWD members work hard to hold Detroit Renewable Power accountable for their actions.

When residents in the neighborhood began to complain of odors coming from the incinerator shortly after it re-opened, ZWD engaged the community to report this information to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ). As a result, Detroit Renewable Power has received nine notices of odor violation and was tasked with making repairs to their facility to eliminate the extreme odor.

Take Action:

It is very important that during the spring and summer of 2014 residents living around the incinerator stay diligent in reporting any odors in their neighborhood.
. Report foul odors in Midtown: If you smell garbage in the air in Midtown, you may smell air pollution from the Incinerator at I-75 and I-94. Please report this to the MDEQ at 313-456-4712 or after hours call 800-292-4706.

Together we can make a difference!
Gloria Rivera, IHM
GLBD Coordinator