Plenaries | 2015


October 23 to 25 2015



The plenary speakers you will hear this weekend will have presented at the Bioneers 26th Conference in San Rafael, CA the weekend before our Conference. DVD's were not to be sold onsite at national conference but people could pre-order them. DVDs are for private use only. They are usually not available to the public until a month after the National conference.

Navigating Adaptation and Resilience as Un-Sustainability Hits the Tipping Point
As founder and President of L.A.'s legendary TreePeople, Andy Lipkis has brought visionary solutions to the once-poster child of municipal environmental madness. Inventing the citizen forestry movement and engaging hundreds of thousands of Angelenos, over the past decade he has systematically demonstrated how to repair and restore an urban watershed by integrating ecology, economy and justice. As L.A.'s eco-governance model starts to spread globally, he will report from the front lines of the City of Angels and from Australia, which has engaged the entire citizenry as watershed managers.

TOM HAYDEN 2:30 to 3:15PM
Building Green Blocs and Justice: California's Game-Changing Climate Leadership Model
As one of the nation's greatest change-makers, former State Senator Tom Hayden will describe the political evolution of California's pace-setting clean energy economy as a model for a Green Bloc of states nationally and globally attempting to survive climate change and build a 100% renewable energy future without nuclear power. This requires a movement that takes the road of justice, serves the needs of communities of color and labor, and realigns the political parties away from the funding and influence of the fossil fuel industry.

Community: Healing for the 21st Century
Sister Simone Campbell is a poet, social justice attorney, and one of the nation's most influential faith-based progressive activists. She led the famous 2012 "Nuns on the Bus" tour to challenge Congressional budget proposals that radically slashed programs for the poor. She shares her vision of how we can heal our divisions and differences, create a renewed sense of community, and build a far more just, peaceful, verdant and compassionate world.


Community Benefits Ordinances: Putting People at the Center of Development
A professor at Wayne State University Law School since 2003, Peter Hammer is the Director of the Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights. The Keith Center is dedicated to promoting the educational, economic and political empowerment of under-represented communities in urban areas and to ensuring that the phrase, "equal justice under law" applies to all members of society. Professor Hammer has become a leading voice on the economic and social issues impacting the city of Detroit, and has added new courses to the law school curriculum on Race, Law and Social Change in Southeast Michigan and Re-Imagining Development in Detroit: Institutions, Law & Society.

FANIA DAVIS - 1:10 to 2:00 PM
Restorative Justice's Promise: Helping Us Re-Invent What it Means to be Human
Drawing on her lifetime of social justice activism, Fania Davis depicts the essence of Restorative Justice. It's an emerging approach that seeks to move us from an ethic of separation, domination, and extreme individualism to one of collaboration, partnership, and interrelatedness. Rooted in Indigenous views of justice and healing, this rapidly expanding global movement invites us to make a radical shift from either-or, right-wrong, and us-versus-them ways of thinking. It seeks to midwife an evolutionary shift beyond domination, discord, and devastation, toward healing, wholeness, and holiness with one another and all creation.

MALIK YAKINI - 4:15 to 5:15 PM
Food, Race and Justice
Malik Yakini, Executive Director of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network, will explore how the current industrial food system that supplies most of our food creates inequities, based in part on the social construct we call "race." He will share thoughts on addressing racism, thinking beyond the logic of capitalism and how we might create a more just, sustainable food system.

REFLECTOR: Shane Bernardo, Earthworks.

Closing: Panoka Walker

Celebrate, Collaborate, And Connect:
Transforming the Southeast Michigan Community.


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- 9 to 10 AM
Water by Design
Henk Ovink, one of the world's leading experts on sustainable, resilient coastal infrastructure, served as a Senior Advisor to the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force and is a leading figure in the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. He will share his vision of how we must change our entire culture to put water back into the center of our hearts and minds if we are to cope effectively with climate change, water crises, biodiversity loss, ecosystem collapse, extreme weather events, and myriad environmental, economic, and sociopolitical crises. He will illustrate how new approaches to design and politics are at the heart of a more resilient future.

RINKU SEN - 1:10 to 2 PM
Both/And/All: Environmentalism and Racial Justice
Rinku Sen is one of the most dynamic and influential social, racial and gender justice activists of our time, among the nation's most effective voices for inclusion and human rights as well as a cutting-edge journalist, author and researcher. She will share her vision of how our era demands of us that we simultaneously face and address our completely intertwined ecological and social justice crises, but that we must learn how to do it without losing our minds, our friends...or our fights.

PAUL HAWKEN - 4:15 to 5:15
Project Drawdown
One of the most important thought leaders, activists and entrepreneurs of our era will illuminate the groundbreaking Project Drawdown: the first systematic attempt to do the math on the most effective solutions and technologies that already exist, and the impact they would have if they scaled in a rigorous manner over the next 30 years. This coalition of NGOs, academics, scholars, scientists, businesses and government agencies has come together to measure the impact of 100 substantive solutions to mitigating carbon emissions to determine if, when and how we can achieve a year-to-year drawdown in the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. The news is good.


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