Program Schedule | 2014

2014 marks our 10th Conference Anniversary

10th Annual GLBD Conference
2014 October 24-26

Each year, GLBD brings together people from all areas of the sustainability movement. Whether you are a long-time activist or just curious, we hope you joined us for a weekend of learning and inspiration.

See you there on October 24, 25 and 26th!

ANNOUNCING 10th Anniversary Conference Schedule

Bioneers Resilient Communities Network Event

Welcome to the tenth annual Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit Conference!

Bioneers (biological pioneers) is an annual conference, a movement and a way of life! National BIONEERS is celebrating 25 years and Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit (GLBD) its 10th anniversary! We welcome Nina Simons, co-founder and co-director of national Bioneers who will be... Read More


Joe Reiley is the Sunday artist in resisdence at our 10th Annual GLBD Conference.

Joe Reilly is a singer, songwriter, and educator from Ann Arbor, Michigan who writes songs from his heart. Joe's songs are playful, clever, engaging, joyful, and always have something meaningful to say. The core of his message is an invitation to heal our relationships with our selves, with each other, and with the earth. Joe uses his music to bring people together and build community across lines of race, class, gender, ethnicity, religion, age, and nationality. Joe is Italian, Irish, and Native American (Cherokee) and was raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan in a creative household by musical parents who encouraged him to find his own voice. Joe loves to inspire others to do the same and to water seeds of compassion, joy, wisdom, and peace in our collective consciousness through the sharing of his music. Check out Joe's tour dates for summer and fall:


GLBD is one of several sites of the Bioneers Network. The overarching mission of Bioneers is the advancement of holistic education pertaining to global, social, cultural and environmental issues. Bioneers identifies progressive yet nature-honoring solutions to rising challenges of instability, inequality, and unsustainable growth. It disseminates this knowledge via independent media, events, and community action networks.

In Detroit and Southeast Michigan, GLBD supports the national mission through our annual conference and our collaborative work during the year. We foster transformation, resilience, reinvention, co-creation and celebration as ways to resist forces that destroy, demean and oppress the planet. National Bioneers and Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit invite you to join us in this community of leadership of breakthrough solutions for people and planet.


This year's brochure includes the schedule, plenaries, featured artists and registration information.

Comments on our Annual Conference

Exposed to exciting, provocative ideas.

Gained so much knowledge about positive things that are going on right here in the city.

Learnshop facilitators were engaging.

Very Enjoyable.


I had a wonderful time.

Learnshops really broadened my understanding of possibilities for sustainable communities.

Very refreshing in a cynical election year.

Unique conference that comes from the right heart and spirit.

Tours of Detroit were a great idea.