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2014 marked our 10th Conference Anniversary

10th Annual GLBD Conference
2014 October 24-26

Each year, GLBD brings together people from all areas of the sustainability movement. Whether you are a long-time activist or just curious, we hope you joined us for a weekend of learning and inspiration.

Thank you for a wonderful 2014 Conference.


Often at the end of our annual conference participants say you should do this more often. Though we can only plan a conference once a year, we can plan some Follow-up Reconnecting Events that will feature the national plenary speakers that we did not have time to share during our 10th anniversary conference. We will hold these events in a variety of venues and partner with a local organization that is doing work related to the plenary presenter's topic.

All events are FREE and will be from 5 to 6:30 p.m. weather permitting.

Who Will Take Care of My People?
Thursday, December 4, 2014
Host: Barbara Beesley, IHM from Marygrove College

For 45 years, Reverend Cecil Williams, founder and Minister of Liberation of Glide Memorial United Methodist Church in San Francisco, and its founding President Janice Mirikitani have created 87 groundbreaking programs to provide human services to some of the Bay Area's most disenfranchised communities. These renowned faith-based pathfinders share their visions and strategies to address the pollution, economic injustice, neglect and apathy that confront poor communities.




Help us know what you would like to see next year and how you enjoyed this year's conference.

Bioneers Resilient Communities Network Event

We hope you enjoyed the tenth annual Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit Conference!

Bioneers (biological pioneers) is an annual conference, a movement and a way of life! National BIONEERS is celebrating 25 years and Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit (GLBD) its 10th anniversary! We welcome Nina Simons, co-founder and co-director of national Bioneers who will be with us Friday and Saturday.

BIONEERS' tagline, revolution from the heart of Nature, and GLBD's mission to promote sustainable community that fosters life-giving relationships, nurtures connections, and celebrates solutions for restoring and healing Earth's communities inspire us to continue to claim that the social justice movement and the environmental movement are ONE MOVEMENT.

The idea to bring BIONEERS to Detroit began in the fall of 2004. Every October due to the generous support of presenters, volunteers and sponsors we sponsor our annual conference at Marygrove College. Participants can explore solutions on a variety of issues: water, soil, air, place-based education, food justice; green architecture and undoing racism. This connectivity leads to recognition and celebration of all that is being done in Detroit and beyond.

Since 2009 GLBD has been a year-round presence in Detroit, as active participant in networks focusing on issues like: Zero Waste, the Commons, Environmental Justice, Food Justice and Place-based Education. Our GLBD strategies include:

  • Living the reality that " the midst of a magnificent diversity of cultures and life forms we are one human family and one Earth community with a common destiny".
  • Remembering that the work of transformation is spiritual work.
  • Recognizing the vision/gifts of the community for innovative solutions.
  • Using Ideas and practices that help us to "connect the dots" within a holistic, systemic, and multi-disciplinary framework.
  • Linking individuals and networks in order to foster connection, cross-pollination, and collaboration of people and ideas, all focused on positive change.
  • Advocating to restore our damaged and depleted earth and human communities.
  • Being an oasis of hope that sparks mass creativity and engagement

The statement we have chosen for this 10th anniversary conference is: It's Time to Wake up and Act for the Good of the Whole. This year's conference is rich in opportunities:

  • Live presentation by Nina Simons and eight pre-recorded plenary speakers from the national conference. We will also have follow-up 're-connecting' events from November to March (see insert).
  • Six tours, twenty local "learnshops" and over forty presenters will share expertise, passion and vision which will make you proud of our local talent;
  • The presence of 150 Young Bioneers: 7th to 12th graders bringing their energy, skills and curiosity to the conference;
  • Opportunity to network with presenters, seniors, activists, young adults, sponsors, artists, exhibitors, vendors and volunteers;
  • Share at the table delicious food grown in our own bio-region and prepared by Marygrove's chefs;
  • An art exhibit at the Marygrove Gallery
  • A play presented by our partner, Matrix Theatre

When people come together as a learning community to discover new sustainable ways of being and when they share transformative ideas for the sake of the Commons everyone benefits. When students and teachers attending the conference bring back what they learned to their schools, education can flourish. When everyone is welcome and affirmed we move toward wholeness.

Paula Cathcart, IHM
Gloria Rivera, IHM (Coordinator)


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