Film (alternative to a tour): The Future of Energy will be shown at the LA Theatre. Facilitated conversation will take place after the film.


Tour 1- One Fair Wage
Tour Leader: Dr. Alicia Renee Farris
is the State Director of Restaurant Opportunities Center of Michigan where she leads a local movement to achieve social and economic justice for restaurant workers. Farris, a lifelong resident of Detroit, is passionate about justice and equality. She has worked in local and state government and in nonprofit settings such as Michigan Institute for Nonviolence Education, Michigan Neighborhood Partnership and Doing Development Differently in Metropolitan Detroit. If you are interested in social and economic justice-particularly as it relates to the restaurant industry, come visit Colors Restaurant, where you will learn about local and national efforts to advocate for the needs of low to moderate income restaurant workers. This is an ideal tour for those who work or have worked in the food or hospitality industry as well as those who dine out. Occupational race and gender discrimination in the restaurant industry will also be explored.

Tour 2 - Building Community through Communications
Tour Leader: Rev. Joan Ross
is Director of North End Woodward Community Coalition (NEWCC) and Acting Station Manager for Detroit's only community radio station, WNUC-lp 96.7 fm. Come and see a hands on demonstration of the making of a radio station. This tour may include an on-air interview or participation in whatever broadcast is being aired. Learn how a community radio station builds a neighborhood and spurs it to action.

Tour 3 - BioBlitz D-Town
Tour Leader: Naim Edwards
is a garden designer, organizer, and sustainable food systems advocate in Detroit. He earned a bachelor's and master's degree in "life sciences" from Morehouse College and the University of Michigan respectively. He currently works for Voices for Earth Justice and is an active member of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network. Visit one of Detroit's organically managed farms and participate in a sampling of the area for fungi, bugs, plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians to assess the farm?s biodiversity. No expertise or background is required, but participants should dress appropriately for the weather...and the bugs. The goal is to learn the names of organisms and enjoy nature.

Tour 4 - From Growing Our Economy to Visionary Organizing, Growing Our Souls, and the Next American Revolution
Presenter: Rich Feldman
is a member of the James and Grace Lee Boggs Center?s Nurture Community Leadership program. He currently works for the International UAW. Tour or Transition? You be the judge, as you travel to the Packard Plant, Poletown Plant, Hope District, Feedom Freedom Growers, Heidleberg Project, and maybe the Boggs School. On the way, Rich will point out examples of how the community is moving into the 21st century.

Tour 5 - Climate Change - An Up Close Look
Presenter: Rhonda Anderson
has worked with Sierra Club's Environmental Justice Program for over 15 years. In those years she has worked with communities on major environmental issues across the city and metro areas. For the past six years she has focused much of her work in the downriver communities of Detroit, River Rouge and Ecorse. Rhonda's "BIG" vision is to support communities to reduce local pollution impacts and assist them in creating a healthy and economically strong tri-city area. Tour participants will see firsthand what contributes to Climate Change and how it manifests. Climate Change is not something that is about to happen - it is already happening. The communities we will tour can tell you their experience of what Climate Change is and how it looks and feels.

Tour 6 - North End Community: Engagement through Urban Agriculture and Being Green
Presenters: Jerry Ann Hebron, Northend Christian CDC, Darlene Williams and Nancy Mumford of Greater Woodward CDC and Keith Martin, Green Manager.

Learn about community engagement strategies. See how urban agriculture creates jobs at the community level and brings value. Visit the GWCDC Project House, a restored building demonstrating various affordable green technologies - grey water, rain water retention system and a solar PV system.

TOURS 2015


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October 23 to 25 2015